Maw Ribs with Arctic Sea Cucumber Soup

Sea cucumber benefits: anti-tumor, anti-radiation, enhance physical fitness, anti-aging, improve sleep, improve memory. Prevention of cardiovascular disease, brain puzzle longevity, blood and blood and promote calcium absorption, promote wound healing and enhance human immunity. Maw is beneficial to the human body as  it has a very high nourishing and medicinal value to kidney, lungs, nourishing the liver, bleeding, cancer and other effects.


● Arctic sea cucumber 1 unit ● fish belly 2 ● pig ribs 200g ● jujube, a small wolf-berry
● onion, ginger ● broth ● salt amount ● sesame oil ● pepper


  1. Put the fish in warm water soak in about 3 hours. Rinse again into pure water, Podiatric cut into 3 cm large pieces.
  2. Pig ribs cut into small pieces.
  3. Arctic sea cucumber cut into circular slices. Note that slices should be moderately thick, while retaining the precious yellow inner tendons.
  4. A good piece of fish maw, sea cucumber and pork rib row of ribs together into the warm water, remove and drain.
  5. Place all ingredients into the pot, into the stock into the broth, remove the broth, cook under low-medium heat for about 1 hour.
  6. Season with pepper, sesame oil and salt to desired amount.