Arctic sea cucumber stewed pig’s trotters

Nutritional analysis

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Trotters 500g ● Arctic sea cucumber 200g (about 1-2) ● onion and ginger 10g ● cooking wine ● salt ● MSG ● pepper
● 30 grams of mayonnaise ● 3 pieces of crystal sugar ● sesame oil ● clove ● pepper ● star anise ● cinnamon ● dried tangerine peel (small amount)


  1. Onions washed cut into sections, ginger slices, trotters to the hair wash, cleft splint from the middle split, and then cut into pieces from the joints.
  2. The bubble of sea cucumber washed, cut into long strips (note that retain the precious golden yellow tendons).
  3. Boil the water into the water after booze remove.
  4. The cloves, pepper, star anise, cinnamon, dried tangerine peel into the pot, ignition, boil, cook for about 10 minutes, throw away, use only soup;
  5. Then under the scallion, ginger, cooking wine, yellow sauce, rock sugar, pig’s trotters fire boil, change the fire simmer 1 and a half hours, pick out the scallion, ginger thrown away; into the sea cucumber slightly stew 6 minutes, juice;
  6. Add MSG before the pan, a little pepper, poured sesame oil can be eaten.