Arctic sea cucumber fried leek

Nutritional value

Leek is not only commonly used vegetables, but also has medicinal value. In addition to lowering blood lipids, warming the liver and kidney, help yangguru fine role is also very prominent, so in the pharmacopoeia, “the sun grass,” said, with today’s “Viagra” than the United States, men eat sea cucumbers, Arginine material) and gas (human vitality) both Ziyinjianyang, a full range of men’s kidney maintenance. The combination of both is perfect.


● Arctic sea cucumber 200g (1-2 pieces) ● Leek 250 g ● Green onions ● Oyster ● Chili pepper 1-2 pieces
● Flower carving wine ● seafood soy sauce ● ginger ● salt


  1. The good Arctic sea cucumber soaked into a strip of foam, cut into sections leeks, red pepper sliced spare.
  2. Heat pot into the oil and onions, small fire 煸 green onions, and other verdant to golden yellow, remove the onion do not, scallion to do a (you can do more to spare).
  3. Add sea cucumber to medium heat and stir fry. In turn, put flowers, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Stir for five minutes. Change ginger and leeks, peppers, salt and stir fry for 2 minutes.